Thursday, January 27, 2005

Herriman and Toots

A small revelation relating to my animation, Toots.

"Toots" was infact named after George Herriman's daughter "Toots"

A still from "Toots"

Herriman and his daughter "Toots"

Upon some exhuberant discussion about "Toots" (the animation) with Bernard Caleo (a fellow George Herriman keenster)... I realised a fatal flaw in my homage to Herriman. You see the mysterious fellow in a hat whom with Toots encounters a delightful, firey romance infact based on Mr George Herriman. Eeek.

tsk tsk tsk, fancy that.

George Herriman

A still from Toots

Current Research Ponderings:
I have been thinking about the Peter Foldes' animation, "La Faim (Hunger)" made in 1974. The technique gives a very eery, perhaps nightmareish result. I have been trying to recollect other such animations. "Words and Pictures" children's tv show is one. It featured the "Fffffat Ffffairy" , and was hosted by a man who resembled a cross between Simon Townsend and a mushroom. It was also hosted by a little 2D animated man, .... I am thinking that this little fellow was animated using a similar technique to Peter Foldes' animation.
I also have recollection of music clips by The Tom Tom Club featuring such a technique.

There is nothing quite like it. The "look" is of a "computerized" nature...but seems to sit within a style, rather than looking cruddy and wrong.. as does quite a substantial amount of (computer)3d animation.

I went to see Spongebob Squarepants the other day. Mmm. I laughed heartily throughout, especially when the "guest star" surfaced! I give it 5 stars.

Mr George Herriman

Tuesday, January 25, 2005




Monday, January 24, 2005

Gee Wiz

This little fellow was running around in a dream I had many years ago. It was a fairly unique dream as it was all set in the bush, quite realistic, but then here was this little two dimentional fellow running around happily. It was a bit like Dot and the Kangeroo, or Dunderclumpin. He moved in a similar fashion to that hideous little "Words and pictures" man on tv. (Last century.)

The Tranzit opening was all a-buzz whenst I arrived on Thursday night. It was a little too crowded to get a good look at all the work. I was most impressed with Kieran Mangan's work.
Somebody wanted to buy some of my met-cards that were on display. I was not prepared for was hard enough letting go of them so as to include them in the exhibition! Well. We made a little deal and she bought one. I was very flattered I must say.
Here are some cards that did not make it in.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


It is the middle of a most beautiful day. What am I doing inside on my computer!? Heavens to Betsy. I have just returned from a front step farewell for my house-mate Kirrily. (Yes there are two in this neck of the woods.) She is off to London for six months to peruse through the print collection at the British Museum. Luckly little blighter! I will miss her. We had a splendivorous feast last night. Our assortment of tasty fare included; roasted mango, bbq'd fish, mango salad, atzuki bean salad, potato alah-hamish and prawns prawns prawns aplenty. Then, upon my suggestion, minions were sent out to retrieve a tin of gelato from that new colourful hip jivin' Gelato bar on Brunswick St. The four selected flavours that we gorged on were; Pistachio (oh me oh my how bloody scrumptious!), blood orange, chocolate-nougat, and pear-caramel. Wow. The texture and flavours were simply divine.

I am off to see Al Mcfoozle and Carl Puniccio (I don't think I spelled that correctly) perform some musical hoo-har this afternoon. In many respects I just feel like curling up in a corner somewhere and reading my book, there is a lovely peaceful quality in the air today. Indeed there are tasks at hand to be addressed, however today calls for a certain letting down of my hair, so to speak. Therefor I will flaneur my way through the rest of the day. Starting with a journey to see if there are any tortoise afloat in the sunny ponds south of my humble abode.

News afoot. I have in my hot little hands, a copy of "Animation Now". My knees are trembling with excitement. Not too much text, however it is thorough in it's selection of animators covered. Also it comes with a DVD! NO!? You mean I can actually have a look at the animations that I am reading about? Woo iiii. Thats a treat. Still, I think having Shrek's big ugly mug on the front cover is mildly offensive, and perhaps even a little misleading. Though, on the otherhand, it will attract allsorts to hone in on the familiar green friendly smile and have a flip and nosey about amidst the perhaps more "small-time" independant animators featured will get some more mileage for their fantastic achievements. More thoughts whenst I get further involved.

Here is a little drawing I did whilst trying to work out how to animate a dog juggling.
The funny thing is, sigh, I tried to get it to be a perfect "real" juggle. So each ball did the right thing at the right time. Animating is not about "real". Is it. No. It is about creating an illusion. Yes.

It was SO lovely to animate with pencil and paper again, as my mind at the time was all ravelled up in my little research paper. I am not in love with gelato. No.
I am in love with drawing.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Friday, January 14, 2005

For a pleasant musical interval click here x

I played in the ocean yesterday with my brother, catching waves on our boogie boards.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Still: Toots tripping

The blog seems to be shifting into a sketchbook-like shape.


I have been fiddling with a large list all day. Small pencil scrawls that assist and guide me through the fibrillating tendrils of my life. I am crossing things off, yet I am still feeling glacial with my achievements. One lovely little stroke of luck occurred on Friday, I bumped into Keiran Mangan (Silent Army) the other day as I plodded home. He was seated outside an "Opening" of an exhibition by Ashley (the fellow who painted the colours all over the water wall sculpture on Collins St whenst it was waterless.)

So. Keiran reminded me of the up and coming "Transit" exhibition...which consists of artists work on Met-cards. Lucky for me I have a wodge ready to go for the Monday deadline.
More information about lists later.

Sunday, January 09, 2005


I have decided not to move into the Nicholas building. I already have a fantastic studio in my current splendid abode. I already have a great workspace with a stereo and large bookshelves laiden abundantly with all of my studio materials set up.
Why move to a studio that only offers me a desk? Amongst other's 'mess'. So its a definate no.
A snazzy building though. I wouldn't say no to a studio there of my own.

I am missing flash. I need to animate. I've learned that a certain part of my animation process requires concentrated daydreaming... I need to visualise. To close my eyes and explore the worlds and characters that could be. The recipe is as follows; daydream, sketchbook, flutters of words in many/any forms and then more daydream to see if the sketched ideas will work and what else could 'happen' etc. This is pre-pre-production.
There needs to be a reason why.
There needs to be a seed or spark to start the ball rolling, to give essence to the whole.

Today I went to see the Edvard Munch exhibition. I enjoy his placement of blues. His orchestration of colour in some nudes, and in some landscapes was particularly pleasant and quite intriguing. Some small drawings held such lovely lines. ...I wonder if Rothko still pencilled as well as painted in his latter years... Not that this is related to Munch. I just favour Rothko's work and am curious to see how (various artists) ideas prevail in paint, and then in line.

I also popped up and had a quick look at Isogawa's work at NGV Fed Square. It is a small selection of work, but lovely nonetheless. Lots of oragami influenced pieces that really excited me. MMm. Paper. Paper is just such a lovely material to work with.

I helped Elin and Hannah check in to their "Aussie" backpackers" today. Oh me oh my. The room they are staying in smelt like feet. It was the messyest room I'd ever seen in a hostel. The actual hostel was neat and nice enough. There were just a couple of stinky pigs staying there. English lads methinx.
Oh well
Its all part of the fun.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Good Moyning.
I'll just bop a few thoughts here today. There are things to ponder, yes indeed.

The first being a marvelous opportunity for me to enter into an agreement of sorts. That which will provide me with a brown desk in a measly little corner in a relatively crowded room in a most fantabulous building. This will provide me a with space within which to scribble and dabble artistically. Like an artist. Yes sir. The said building is none other than the Nicholas building, on the corner of Swanston St and Flinders Lane. I'd be on the 9th floor with a view of St Pauls Cathedral

I am umming and ahhing about it. Will it be right for me? I have tried being in a shared space in a Melbourne Studio before....Its such a great building, full of lots of artists and burgeoning small businesses. Shall I move my studiousness there?
Hmm, yeas. Hmm, nose.

One of the nextdoor neighbour's cats is quite pregnant. She still manages to hunt little fledgelings though. Li'l modern ket.
I'm off to catch up with a friend who is visiting from Sweden. We hung out alot in Edinburgh a couple of years ago. Somehow she still has a Scottish accent. Hmm. Wheres mine? Perhaps I'll give it a go from now on.
"We're ye born in a barn."

Monday, January 03, 2005

The tsunamis have left me feeling very sad. It is absolutely tragic. We can give money, but how can we give love and hope to all of those people who are left without homes and livelyhoods, and whom have to identify their perished loved ones?
Here is Michael Leunig's Mr Curly.

He seems to be on his way over to give some warm tea to the people in need.

God help us
to rise from our struggle.
Like a tree rises up from the soil.
Our roots reaching down to our trouble,
Our rich, dark dirt of existence.
Finding nourishment deeply
And holding us firmly.
Always connected.
Growing upwards and into the sun.

A Leunig prayer from Common Prayer collection.

About two weeks ago I met a boy who was off to Thailand for Christmas. He works at one of the art supply shops down on Greeves St. I can't remember his name... He seemed very happy.. I hope he is ok.