Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Staple Manor

Here is a panel from my comic submitted to TANGO 8
I ended up doing 18 hours straight on it to finish it off .
It needs a 'once over', but it is too late now. Writing the story was difficult as well. It was a little autobiographical and I struggled to get a perspective on what it was that I was trying to 'deliver' from the story. Lots of loose drafts and then the final [semi-glitchy] one helped me to shape it a little more so as to waft a gentle little story from the pages.

I am very sick in bed, my head feels like it is a big heavy medicine ball. I've had no time to blog for ages. Here goes a brief one: Newcastle was fantastic. The comics exhibition at Staple Manor was fun and awe inspiring. (Pat Grant is my new hero) Our talk and round table discussion went well. The trip has made me feel it would be nice to just sit and draw comics for the next several or so months.