Monday, October 30, 2006

hectic ambling

I've been printing a bit of late and though the deadline is fast approaching it is really quite lovely to go into APW and smear ink onto a copper plate. I am feeling a little more confident with my printmaking with most things its something that will only improve with practice. I am starting to feel I have enough control over the process to almost get what I want. The one problem is that I can't hand wipe as my skin reacts to the ink. Probably a good thing... as it is quite toxic. Really I would like to dive in there with the palm of my hand though..for the finishing touch. Here is a picture of some prints from last weekend.

Yesterday I picked up my three images from the Hardcopy exhibition. News is...I won the Judges award. That was quite a surprise I must say. :)
Other news, well I am off to Whyalla (did I spell that correctly?) next week for another USMOB workshop. Its going to be a hectic November quite frankly..... somehow I still manage to maintain my ambling tardy-lady ways. :o

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Life drawing was great this week. I started off feeling frustrated, thinking perhaps there are some days where I should just stick to strange little imaginary characters. Though by the end I felt satisfied, not so much with the final images but with the work I'd achieved from the drawing process. Here are a couple of the drawings..Bad photos I know. They were taken with my phone with the actual pictures on the floor of my studio.

An intense week full of deadlines, new opportunities, and some festival activities. I feel quite inspired at the moment I must say.

Anna's legs

Look here are the roof tops I gaze over from my studio window.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The answer is I haven't finished the comic. It is indeed a problematic one..that I'll persist with in late November when I have larger 'chunks' of time to devote to it. I am just about to embark on a bit of marking which I am looking forward to. My students have done an incredible job on their COMIC project, it is very inspiring to see the effort they've put in and the interesting comics they've come up with. Afew have printed them out and created some beautiful little comic booklets. How can we display this work I am wondering? Perhaps a blog could work, one for each class. We could upload both the digital files and photographs of the booklets.

Its a beautiful day. Heres hoping the wind doesn't whip a multitude of grass-dust-and seeds up my nose today, which it did yesterday. I turned up to work weeping and feeling as though I had a balloon full of mercury pressing around my brain..just behind my eyes. Awful stuff.

I am currently 'chatting' with Raj in Dubai. He seems to be a bit drunk. :)

Other blogs I am looking at:
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Jingles has a new blog. Genja

News is - I have alot of work to do so I'll dart off now..and stop with this procrastinating waffle.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Eeek! Will I finish it in time?