Thursday, November 30, 2006


Words are flying out like endless rain in to a paper cup -
well, actually they're not, but they are doing relatively nice things on John Marsden's new blog. See here.

Here are some early morning cycling shots - taken with my phone...whilst riding, so forgive me for the quality.

Things are wrapping up for the year seemingly. I am listening to that Coldplay song called Talk - I quite love it because of the way it guitarifies a splendid Kraftwerk riff (though Kraftwerk would most likely call it a 'mel - oh - dee' not a riff.)

I haven't written since my trip to Whyalla - been a little busy, distracted and wot not. It was an interesting and entertaining workshop. David, Tracey and myself heard some intriguing stories about life in Whyalla from the various locals we met. The kids impressed me to no end with their ability to pick up and create such fabulous animations.

Last week Maria was in town so we had a little AIM reunion dinner at Chocolate Bhudda...actually it was the week before. Twas lovely to see the gang. Hoping I catch them all at the AIM screening on Tuesday evening.

Somebody sent me this link today - please note it is only to be viewed if you've ever drunk baileys from a shoe.
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