Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ferret, Frets, and floating

Tooday just wizzed by. Here I was thinking I had everything runnning accordian to plam.

News is: The 2nd new computer has made itself at home in my studio.
The new Ferret Face comic, which is finished though not composited, may or may not get into the NZ anthology. I have been stressed all weekend about it. Everytime I feel deeply engaged in its production I have to tear myself away and do things like.... watch James Morrison and Joe Cindamo (spell?) at Bennet's Lane, or wiz over to the Ollistar abode to watch TOTORO (what again?), or float around in the pool for an hour, or venture out to Curly Kiz'z opening, or amble down to the Hib's opening, or trot off to some glorious music explosion at Hamer Hall. OR I have to play my guitar for two hours. Everything GETS in the way.
....which has been kind of nice I must say. Is it called displacement behaviour? Or is it just me and my dizzy-slowpoke-comicscreation-mode?

hmmmm... I could be scanning.

Here, a couple of snapshots of Ferret Face comic in production. Featuring Fat Whippet (left), and Herman O. Stickwhipple (above)

Animator of the week
Koji Yamamura

I've had him in my mind for a few weeks, showed the class Mt Head recently. It only just struck me the other day how 'Noh Theatre' the narrator/sound/music is. I knew it was traditional japanese. Maybe I am wrong, its just the whole build up of anticipation in the voice..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Far away in New Zealand

Tim Danko (dead xerox), Indira, and Stefan are putting together a comic anthology titled MY SOILED SAMPLE.

Here is a sample of my comic in progress.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

inks and anims

I haven't been writing here much of late. My soup of thoughts have been venturing elsewhere. Nonetheless I shall pop down afew links to things I have been looking at lately.

BFI British Film institute's page on animation. Unfortunately one can't view the mov clips which is a real shame as there are some great works listed.

See positively lovely short animation Badgered
Interview with Sharon Colman creator of Badgered link

Here is an ink pic I drew. Actually it's part of a diptych - will post other later.

Animatorz of the week Daniel Greaves and Dave Daniels. See
Tandem films

Also an interesting site with snazzy pictures from lovely old animations (UPA era) Cartoon Modern

Speaking of 'cartoons'......Have you finished that stinky June anim? I hear you ask.

Yes ofcourse.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Is that all I'm worth!?

I wonder if the buyer thinks they are going to get some comic about bums

(Thanks John
and Greg for that)

New computer and new Stereolab Fab Four Suture. All very pleasant.

This little Chap is by Mark Craste, from an anim Still Night - I have mentioned it before I'm sure.