Friday, April 27, 2007


And then things went terribly bad with my files...and I'm up, all night fixing the clip.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

All the the things... a list

Things are hectic! I'm leaving for Aurukun on Saturday, for 6 weeks. I'm finishing the Machine Translations filmclip today.The Japer is helping me do the final export. Toots is such a funny little character - I want to pick her up and put her on my desk and have her run around. I'll try and pop up a still later before I go. The very good news is that I've had the go ahead to do illustrations for a lovely book. I've always wanted to do this. Other news, I met up with Peter and Glenn on Thursday and showed them some etchings and talked about the horse project (Bloodlines) I have a clear vision of the animation I have to complete when I get back from Aurukun, and I am quite excited about it. I met Glenn at the Matrix 6 exhibition where my Render Project animation is currently 'whirring' (it finishes on Saturday.) I have a lot of ideas broiling as the result of all this project juggling.

And I've wrapped up my teaching for the semester. I feel quite elated and inspired. Exhausted and withered, inspired nonetheless. I am really looking forward to the work up north, I suppose it's nice to be inspired in the way that I am at the moment, as it will be something extra I have to give to my work up there. So much more to write - but I am rushing. I am listening to Cuss - really strikes me in the chest area, every little note I know so well. Anyway, I'm off.. I do have things about animation to rant time. More about Fantastic Planet actually.

Miss Hammond has an exhibition on at Port Jackson Press at the moment.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Roland Topor

I was looking around at Topor's online presence and discovered that he wrote the scenario and dialogue for Fantastic Planet (with Rene Laloux, the director), and that he created the original artwork! Gosh. It was like two parts of my world crashing together when I discovered this.

Fantastic Planet
Planète sauvage, La (1973)
... aka Divoká planeta (Czechoslovakia: Czech title)
... aka Planet of Incredible Creatures
... aka The Fantastic Planet (USA)
... aka The Savage Planet (International: English title: informal literal title)

Directed by .......................... RENE LALOUX
Scenario and Dialogue by .......................... ROLAND TOPOR, RENE LALOUX
Based on the Novel "OMS EN SERIE" by ........................ STEFAN WUL
Original Artwork by ..................... ROLAND TOPOR
The film was shot in the animation studios

The Tenant
Topor wrote The Tenant. I've not read it and thought I'd order a copy. Look what I found..
See the Typo? Read the spine and the cover.

Had a laugh with Petr about it as we concluded that Topor would most likely have enjoyed this little 'error'.

Roland Topor Renfield (on the right), in Werner Herzog's Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Letterpress buttons in the Book Studio

Spider and eggs in the backyard.

Caren printing on the letterpress.

Stainhead chap on my desk.

note: Wonderful snaps taken with my phone's camera.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This little bloke was crawling around on my keyboard....the day after I saw Pan's Labyrinth. Ooh.

Here is miss Bird Dropping Spider. She is on the bottom left. There are now 8 eggs. She made another one over the weekend. All of the little white dots you see under the eggs (brown spheres) are the baby spiders from one egg. I am quite fascinated as you can tell. You can see the top egg has a whole where the little one's crept out.
Everywhere you look there's a Kirrily. Most exciting.

Well the Matrix 6 exhibition opened on Saturday in Canberra. My animation "Marks" is probably still looping right now in the Gallery at Megalo. It is a 5 minute loop made from etchings. It has a particularly raw feel to it ... almost too raw - however it demonstrates a particular aspect of some ideas that came from the residency at Megalo. I think I should have written an artist's statement. I did have a couple of documents that talk about the process however they don't really touch on the the ideas. I think I just need to write a bit more to extrapolate on all of the broiling thoughts I've had on the project that have been keeping me awake at night - in a nice inspired way. The piece is so much more engaging with music - particularly in a public space..though I wanted it to be stripped back - more like a still image on the wall of a gallery. I really need to explore this - this different space. Gallery/cinema screening. hmm.

multiple rhino