Sunday, March 27, 2005

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Sketchbook Bonanza!


Saturday, March 19, 2005



This is Swill. I drew him for a nice German couple who wrote to me requesting a pig.

I briefly talked to P today, he and his friend R told me some interesting stories about 2 Czech sculptors. Really interesting stuff..but I don't want to get my facts of the stories involved a sculptor who'd sculpted a lion in the 1830's, and he'd got the legs wrong! Upon discovery of this error he committed suicide. What a tragic story.
I need to find out more about Gollum, that is the czech-jewish fairytale. Gollum was created out of clay. All I have so far is that he was killed by writing/erasing an hebraic word on his forehead. I will search for some books....when I am not infused in other worldly events. Like..blogging.


I went here to the
D.L.Ashliman site and I found something about... The Golum

Monday, March 14, 2005

Such beautiful weather!

I have been listening to this Blur song alot this week. Aside from the very funny David Shrigley/SHYNOLA filmclip, I have been enjoying the (yet another) Graem Coxon snazzy guitar riff. Damon A's fluid vocals seem to fall so naturally amidst Coxon's loop.
' like it.

Still I've not finished my comic for Tango! Perhaps I'll title it Pixel Monkey meets Sancho Pansy (Tango is an anthology of romance comics - see link)


I have been bouncing around in my studio, attempting to create the Tango comic, but ending up with bits of torn paper dipped in blue paint and splattered with ink. Which has been fun...buts its no cigars eh. Might make a nice birthday card for someone though.

Went and had a look at some tadpoles this morning. They were darting along in little teams. Through the blue green algae bloom and the sunlight streaming in. I was trying to imagine what it must look like from their perspective. Very pretty. Which leads me on to the Brothers Quay
A couple of animators whom manage to cast fantastic atmos and sensibility into their stop-motion animation.

They actually made a film of Robert Walser's Jacob Von Gunten, titled Institute Benjamenta. I don't think Walser would've liked their interpretation, however it is really an interesting film. (Excuse me for falling into that habitual review-blogger-I give it 5 stars-mode) But who can tell what Mr Walser might like??.


Hop to it. Back to Photoshop, Heaven Forbid!! I am turning into a pixel monkey.
Heres this bloke again.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Shynola eeeeeee!


I just drizzled some coffee down my gob in the company of the finest of animators Mr McInnes.

I must keep up with my rotisserie of Animator of the Week - Should it be Shynola this week? Or Paul Driessen again. This week it is McInnes - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Animation hero!

I have met my animation hero William Kentridge. And...I did introduce myself to Kentridge. His response to my delivery of the terribly urgent news that he was indeed the main case study for my incredibly fantastic and well written research project was that which can only be described as horror. I gathered this by the way his piercing eyes seemed to retreat back into his head, leaving two kind of glazed pale blue shells in their place. As I warbled my way into these glazed blue shells other parts of his body began to retreat, his head for example seemed to gradually pull back into his neck - perhaps mine was extending forwards, perhaps I had a sizable leaf of spinach lodged in my teeth threatening to shoot at him with the aid of an overexcited consonant. I don't know what happened next, I just remember feeling limp and exiting the room. Probably staggering and cross eyed, looking for something to lean on..

See Kentridge

So last night. Shynola chatted at ACMI - and we watched many a clip. Ooh twas nice.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


The site of favour. Splendid.