Sunday, July 31, 2005


I'll just pop up this bloke again for Illustration Friday. The topic is aging - Originally he was drawn to express that feeling you get when there is no bread in the morning for toast, so reluctantly you go out and get some.

I Gets the bread -2

I kind of imagine feeling the same as you get old, "Oh dear there goes another hip, sigh...I'll have to go out and get another..."

and so on..

quick sticks

Hello again,

Perhaps this is a good compromise ?


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Which is better?

Milty made my skeleton interactive

Which one is better?

These little fellows?
Skeleton Dance 1Skeleton Dance 1

Or these pasty chaps?
Skeleton Dance 2Skeleton Dance 2

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"old-fashioned hand-drawn animation"

Apparently "The Walt Disney Company has killed off its Australian animation operation"

see Article

I seem to be visualising such an event as a Disney style 2D animation. With giant Disney hit men in pest control suits spraying all the animators "killing" them off. The occassional animator makes a break for it and a hit man lunges out and with his foot squishes him into the ground... All orchestrated nicely to the music.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Saturday, July 23, 2005



Finally I have finished my showreel. I battled for quite some time with what seemed to be incompatible movie settings - It turned out to be a corrupt file that was cruddifying the 'Toots' clips. I'll have to compress it before I pop it up on inkwinks

Today I am sorting out my pix for the StyleFile

These are images they chose:

Smell_SF_01 acat toots=01 Winter_SF_02

Anything new?

Why yes, an animated mobile I made the other night. I was trying to make a place for my dancing skeleton. So I thought they'd look good swinging around in a mobile - not mobile phone, silly, mobile spinny thing -
I've popped this little animation onto my inkwinks site, so far without the skeletons because I enjoy it equally as an abstract version. However I will swap it soon for the Skeleton Dance version. It is all very 'tweeny' admittedly. The music used is also on my showreel - a favourite guitarist:
Smell_SF_01 Gabor Szabo. A Hungarian chap, not with us anymore.

I have been chatting with Hee lately, and looking at her magnificent site:
Hee's nest
. Also her magnificent watercolours that she has been doing lately.

Other stuff I have been perusing of late:



alex (disinfo chap) burns' blog
I met Alex at a Next Wave forum last year - its taken me a long time to go and check out what he gets up to. Must visit his thoughts more often, very interesting. (Makes this blog look like a little sneezable bit of lint)

Raj sent me this link.

David's animation pages on the AIM site

Went to see Buster Keaton films with Blue Grassy Knoll playing live! Was FANTASTIC!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I finished Love Egg.

Here is a frame from it:

Look. Melbs has another film festivity event. So I've already nabbed my tix to Howl's Moving Castle - the new Miyazaki animation. Fwoo I can't wait.

See the snazzy animated Miff trailer!! (Animated by Al)

Animation news:

Raj sent me this link to Nina Paley's site the other day. So far I have only checked out Sitayana. She is very cute, and swivles beautifully at the end of this movie:
Sitayana reminds me of the old "La More" Orange stop motion animation from Sesame Street. An old favourite I must admit.

Here is a link to Strindberg and Helium.

Wednesday night was very interesting - David Blumenstien organised a Comics to Animation screening night at NOVA ! Toots screened in amongst an array of very funny animations made by various talented folks, who also create comics. A list with links to their works will magically appear here some time soon.

We had a little chat to the audience afterwards. A very nice audience I must say.

On the homefront:
Here is a drawing by Curly Kiz

Here is a drawing by Uncle G


Where is Hamish?
He's up there

Bye now.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


This image is from some concept development sketches for a comic that I have...well essentially 'agonised' over for quite some time. I've done many versions and had various ideas - and I've ended up with something that looks rather spontaneous I must admit.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Back in the day when I was part human part guitar....

Fire Chap