Saturday, August 03, 2019

Dropping into your paw

Four little clips today. A little collection for eyes, ears and stickly prickly minds.
Inspiration to scoop and drop.

365 - One Year, One Film, One Second a Day by The Brothers McLeod
The Brothers McLeod screening I caught at MIAF was refreshing and indeed inspiring. Rich minds, wonderful drawings, really imaginative animation. Fizzy.

Mirai Mizue once did a 365 day project. Not it, but: Sample a little slice of something nice by Mizue.

Paul Driessen physics.  Always nice to come back to Driessen.
Crumpled little line, his characters, the way they move.
The way they move, the way they move, la la laaa, the way they move.

Driessen's lovely lines, just as lovely and rich as Boris Karloff's marvellous timbre reading Rudyard Kipling (vinyl).

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

MIAF trailer

MIAF is coming up, in the absence of ACMI, at the Treasury. I love the trailer. I was telling someone about how I used to get a pass and see pretty much everything that I could, and still I wanted to borrow Hermione Granger's time piece thingy to get to the things I'd miss. Funnily enough, after four days, nursing my greedy eyes,  I found it all a bit much - all of that short content jimmied together. This year I'm pretty sure I can squeeze in a visit. Possibly. Let it wash over me.

Entering Gorey mode:  ... weeeeeeee, off they go.

Here's a fabulous animation to v lovely music:

The Monk and the Fish by Michael Dudok de Wit.
His Red Turtle animation was on SBS the other night, so gentle and lovely.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Manatee and Maximov

On Melancholy Hill with Damon Albarn. Not such a bad place to be. Especially when it includes a Manatee! I love songwriters who can write beautiful happy/sad songs. And make it sound simple. There is some kind of Fleetwood Mac rhythm and texture to On Melancholy Hill. Jeff Tweedy played in Melbs this weekend (tix sold out months ago - so ... I wasn't there). He is a super craftsman in the happy/sad songwriting respect. Spent lots of time thinking about that aspect in songs (last year). Songs that might have just one little sad tone, note or word to them, but the actual song might not be a sad one. hmmm  I'm on a Gorillaz roll at the mo. Albarn weaves patterns, often a myriad of ear-worms, all connecting in rounds - he kinda fugues it. Nicely.

What is this? My brother sent it to me and I told him it smacked of mid-life-crisis-animation.
*I'll question what I meant by that another time. Or not. 
I should really put something good here. I've been watching quite a bit of Ivan Maximov animation this year. Enjoying their pace, their peace. The strangeness of the characters and indeed the atmosphere that Maximov innately imbues in his work.
Rain down from above by Ivan Maximov

Tides to and fro by Ivan Maximov

Wind along the coast by Ivan Maximov

The Strings by Ivan Maximov

Friday, March 15, 2019

RUKA (The Hand) (CZE/1965) Jiří Trnka

Jiri Trnka's last animation "The Hand". It is better on the big screen of course. What a beautiful piece.

Music:  ↷ Beach House still humming through me. ↶

⇶       ⋰

It's always worthwhile going to see a band live.
I'm coming to terms with the fact that I will miss J. Mascis' and Jeff Tweedys' AU gigs.

Also coming to terms with my propensity to procrastinate!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

3 for 1


Trying to find the right melody. That's what was happening before Christmas. Trying three different song melodies for one set of lyrics... I don't remember ever having tried this before with song writing.  In that I complete the whole song, very very roughly, and nail the melody and hook if there is one... Perhaps I didn't need to? Working on these songs comes in fits and starts. I always get to a point where I have to leave the song where it is, to simmer for a few weeks, then come back for a fresh 'hear'. This is where I really miss and need Cam, Cris and Ted. The fuel's all there, they just know(knew) how to ignite it.

Went to see Beach House on Friday night. Garnered some joy from that. I'm still listening to the Oh Hellos.

I dropped the comic for a few months. (Dropped in the old fashioned sense.) Inspiration shifted and I got sick of struggling with my drawings. Bruce has another week up his sleeve apparently. Perhaps I can economise my style and not care about the shizzle that comes out of my pen.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

hell yes ⇣ Dear Wormwood 👹

I haven't read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, but I love that the Oh Hellos Dear Wormwood album is inspired by it. The song "Dear Wormwood" in particular is amazing.

Screwtape is a senior demon writing letters from Hell to his Earthbound demon nephew Wormwood. Screwtape's letters to his nephew aim to help him coax a particular human into wicked and sinful ways.

Friday, February 22, 2019

just words


a cup of tea on a foxes back as she darts into hiding


Wormwood and Screwtape