Saturday, January 23, 2021

Here and there - but here

 This is a grower. 


*Is it a Tuba in there? It is fabulous.

 Since writing my MA paper, where I did a comparative analysis of animation, theatre and music, I've continually connected my learning, understanding and exploration of various forms of design ... comparatively... to each other. 

Quite a bit of thinking about the notion of anticipation in the experience of time based media (was a Phd pitch I almost got rolling several years ago) - anyway - these connections link to my understanding of design and function and experience.  

I posted this song on my UI UX research and documentation blog also.
I like to think about the structure and design of songs/music. Damon Albarn is a really interesting artist.
This song grew on me. It has some interesting aspects to its pattern... that draw me in.

Leaving this here as this is my inspiration and my thinking, and over time a marker for this time...

Monday, January 04, 2021


 A fantastic reentry into work again. Probably didn't start till 10am... still here though !!

I'm trying to hold on to a semblance of the imaginary places that come with breaks and mental escapes.

Music carries ...and it is great. I like falling for music...talked about motivation yesterday. Bought cheeses today. 

Don Burrows this morning


*not on Apple music or Spotify, why?

Sunday, January 03, 2021


 Trying to work. Instead, looking up amps  !!

Because: Drowning in this song.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Ingestible, respiritable

*I'm not suggesting I align myself with a viral approach - this comic is very old!

Putting this link here to look at later. 
Momentarily looking into some old work colleagues research and work.
Prof Stefan Greuter. -Director of Deakin Motion Lab, among other things.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

machinery and tired writing - joy

 Just realised I'm in a nest. A 2020 nest. My desk is surrounded and padded with 2020 remnants. I'm not ready for 2020 reflection yet... too busy. I did put on my Most Listened to 2020 playlist though...

Too much on, too many hats, ...looking forward to my annual creep under the trampoline post Christmas lunch with some sort of dinosaur related novel. 

To place the more recent thinkings here might be useful - this year relegated to churning quietly in the back of my mind. Churning ...a little like a turn of the century machine... That's how I see it anyway.

Much like this one

Timelined my thoughts and various ponderings over music and animation - that began with my PhD application (didn't submit) several years ago and have moved through stages of focus on various aspects of music form, some text but really not much - impactful pieces that keep underpinning my analysis...  all about animation, and so much more. 

Anyway spoke them to a friend yesterday. Weirdly succintified this 'journey' a little for myself. Journey is okay. It is. Sounds like twaddle but means the world to me. Not my scaffolding, as such, it runs deeper.. 'Something', anyway. 

Song here if you like. Spotify tho. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

2020 ...


When this blog was a research blog and blogs were a thing, my dear fun and funny friend was always here for visits. 

So now ...It's almost been two months since she passed away I'm still in disbelief and I'm so missing her presence. 

Love you Maria. Rest in Peace.

Our animation hearts whirl around you, always.

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Months, toads, forest dwellers.

Months of lockdown have left me feeling empty. The colours that have emerged, during this time, have kept me ...afloat.
Telling my children imaginary stories in the darkness before they go to sleep. Our journeys taking us through long grasses, ambling from the tops of mountains, carrying grandfather's lantern through the depths of deep dark forests, then padding the soft sands out to the sea. The most recent traipse led to the Sting Ray ...was a really lovely journey. Another adventure met some colourful grasshoppers in amongst the grasses... they all stopped to do athletics, before buying lollies down in the forest shop.

In an era of no cuddles there are little ones who can always be picked up and cuddled

Coming back to Boris Karloff. Listening to the texture late at night.