Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life Drawing

A peek at a drawing.
I went to life drawing last night. Yes its been awhile since I've participated in such an activity.

Three of my illustrations have been accepted into Hardcopy, an exhibition of Digital work at Gasworks Galleries in Albert Park. This little one is included.

Strangely, I've just had a 'tiff' with a good friend of mine, which normally I wouldn't blog about. Its just that it leaves my heart feeling a little inverted. Just after I'd gone through the Picasso/Dora Marr exhibition, which towards the end is a little sad. I was just pondering on the sensitivity of friendships.....hmm. Seemingly what Dora Marr held in her heart for half of her life, after her relationship with Picasso ended, was her time with him. It is amazing what we carry with us, and how our being is enriched by friendships. I remember an old friend of mine and myself spent our discussions on the subject of friendship - themes that siphened down from old Derridapants. Identity clusters inside us from a whole array of sources, and certainly friendships are the skeleton and indeed the flesh of our being. I sound a little like I've been on the Gin... (I haven't). Just pondering the whys and hows - and the inverted feeling I currently hold.

Elipses. I'll come back and add currency to my garble.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Pictured: Picnic's stop motion animated film LUMINARY

The last time I blogged I was in the Port Augusta Library - however I saved it as a draft...and looking back, well there really wasn't that much that I wrote about. Quite frankly.

Currently I am sitting up at ADOM enjoying the ambience. The two clusters of sudents (oops missed the 't'...ohwell) have departed after some interesting banter about their projects. So I am left here 'till 9:30pm. eek.

The USMOB project in Port Ausgusta was great. I was one of three in David V's team, providing resources for a small group of Port Augusta students to make films, and giving them the opportunity to animate (me being the animation 'wiz') . I love the animations that they created... I am hoping to pop one up here - with permission from the students. What is USMOB ?

Other NEWS. Which - actually - is relatively old....but I've not blogged you don't blame me.. Yes, other news is that A Stowaway's Guide to the Pacific is onloine (oop another typo, ohwell).

Stowaway's is a project I morphed my way into last year. Worked with a snazzy team of people. Was quite interesting. Though I have to say...I am really not 100% happy with the animations I did. They were a little hasty you might say. Considering the time frame given to complete said animations...this is kind of understandable, however I feel I would deal with such constraints differently now. Perhaps step back and plan my designs to suit the given deadlines rather than just dig in, animate, and discover that I can only get it done properly if I don't go to sleep. Which I did for a couple (of stints). The Dancing Skeletons. I don't mind those chaps. Anyway - you'll have to go to the site and check it out to see what I am ranting about. So, to rant on about something other than my small contribution to the project, you may well find it an interesting site. Interactive/educational/pitched at youth.

Picnic went to Russia. With his snaz film: Luminary

He met Regina Pessoa from Portugal. Her animation Tragic Story With Happy End was screened at MIAF this year. Lovely stuff.

Lucky chap.

Time to go!