Sunday, February 18, 2007


Today I wished I was still small enough to sit in a bucket of water.

Here's my animated chap, he is also a bit hot and needs a bucket of water to jump into.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

practice webs

Here are some chaps from the Render Project.

Bird-dropping-spider news is: There are 6 eggs (I'll insert a pic soon) and today, being a sweltering 30something degrees, has brought the little blighters out and into the sunshine! There were 6 or so tiny bird-dropping spiders out there wriggling and making little practice webs. (again, picture here soon)

Oh look.
Things of interest:
Living Together

Interestingly enough the Living Together conference was free and open to the public. Not that I want to have a little gripe here..but it is interesting to note that there was a conference of a similar nature in Melbourne last year -open to the public- and ..well lets just say I could have had a four year supply of chocolate freckles for roughly the same price. Not very open to the public methinx. I suppose they had their reasons. Perhaps they gave out 'show bags' with some of Derrida's fingernail clippings included in the goodies. I'm being silly now. :) ...okay it's a little gripe. But that's not why I popped in the link. It's a good link for the publishing house - with some insight into the authors. :)