Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tango 7

Here is a still from my comic, Hubba Hubba Hubba - which I frantically hustled together for the next issue of Tango.

The launch is on the 28th of this month. See
Strange Fables for more info.

Nicky launched her book, The Great Gatsby, on Thursday night. What a star she is.

I created this little bloke as a demo for my students last week.

I can't wait to have time to print again. I've just been experimenting with this scan of an etching I sold last year. It was an artist's proof, the edition is in an Artists Book so I don't really look at it much. I quite like it and in a way I wish I hadn't sold it. The reason I scanned it in to my computer was to work out how to mend some damage that silverfish had done to it before getting to the actual print with a brush and pigment. So here I can play with it and bring it in to a new form.

Sunday, September 02, 2007