Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mash, killing songs and being killed softly (by Thom Yorke and his horror songs)

mash. I tried forcing some lyrics into several mixtures of melodies a few weeks back, mashed them together. Then spent a few weeks listening back, feeling relieved that I'd found some life for said words. Somewhat similar in tone to what I was aiming for earlier in the year when I managed to write about four ...reasonable songs. I'm so limited for actual singing time that I couldn't quite come up with decent melodies to carry the lyrics. Still. I'm connected to the latest song, trying to unmash it. De-mash.

killing songs. Most written last year will be killed. They served their purpose, to get me into writing again, and have now officially been coined as utter shite, thus marked for death row. I may, as a last dash, transcribe them into some Dreampop (ha! so not capable of that right now) so as to extend their existence somewhat. Only with lyrics blurred under a bed of milky-strawberry-Quick noise. Can I do that? ...e-bow

A few killer-recently-released-songs. They've taken me away and I can't get back down. Thanks for that Thom.

🅟 Met with Petr on Sunday. He told me about a book "The Future of Nostalgia"

🅑 Bruce wants me to draw a comic.

See you at the movies J Mascis!
Neat lyrics.