Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The New Zealand comic anthology was launched on Friday night. You can order a copy here if you fancy: My Soiled Sample
You can sample it here

Almost there. That is to say I am almost at the point where I can pick up the Render Project again. I am both daunted and excited. I'm excited about having a couple of weeks where I can just work on one thing. (Hopefully)
Daunted because there are some issues that need to be resolved with one of the plates, which may involve tossing it off a cliff.

The Melbourne International Animation Festival opens tonight.
These pics are my 'teasers'

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Oskar Fischinger
is featured in the latest issue of Tate ETC. Tate Modern (in London) are screening some of his work at the end of the month. Pictured below is an image of Fischinger's Wax Slicer that he invented in the 1920's to create his fascinating 'sliced-wax' animation technique. This seems to be the technique used by Peter Lord (in 1986 along with with Steven Johnson, Nick Park and the Bros QuaY..and others), in their animated filmclip for Peter Gabriel's song Sledghammer. Though it looks to be plasticine - and figurative rather than abstract. Nonetheless it presents a curious and refreshing effect. Well judging from what I've seen in Sledgehammer, I've not actually seen the Fischinger wax animations. Yet.

Fischinger's Wax Slicer

It'll be interesting to see his animation Spirals at this year's MIAF. I don't know if this one contains wax-sliced animations. I imagine the ones screening at the Tate Modern do. I'll have to nip over.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Good grief!

A spontanious sketch of musicians

A quick initial harp about Melbourne International Animation Festival


Well the tix are on sale and the program is out. I am most excited - particularly as there is a new Marv Newland animation. Also new work by Chris Hinton, and Steven Woloshen. I haven't spotted any Paul Driessen..but I've only scanned through the program quickly. Hinton's looks like it might be abstract.???? Can't wait.

Here are some jellyfish pictures from the aquarium visit I ventured on afew months back.

I am listening to a Miss Kitten remix called Greyscale For Slow Building, from Radio Caroline compilation. Very very pleasant.

Good grief! I've discovered that Deathcab For Cutie are playing the very week that I am going to be away in mid July. I am tempted to venture to Adelaide specifically to see them.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

5 in the morning

Deadzeroxpress Tim's bird

Comics news
Finally I finished the comic for NZ anthology. I 'digitally propelled' it over to the Zealand at 4:55 this morning. To be honest I'm not 100% happy with the overall design of the comic - My crafting of the tonal elements needed afew more draft stages methinx. We'll see, it might look okay printed.

Here is a sneak preview.
Ferret Face and the Glass Slipper Saga
It's not published yet so I'll not upload it to scale, just a web-friendly-coloured version to get the gist.

See the link for Tim Danko's snazzy design.