Monday, November 29, 2004

Goodafternoon. The paper is in. I have finished. Well it is in and I haven't finished. Well I have finished, but it doesn't feel like I have. No I haven't finished because there is so much more to unravel from the shamozz of words delivered in the said paper. So I haven't. Finished. But maybe I have, I don't know. Such a mysterious world we live in.

Speaking of finished, because it has, I went to see the William Kentridge exhibition in Sydney last week. It was fantastic. It would've been a great exhibition to visit several times, as there were many animations to watch.
Thats all for today. Thankyou. Goodbye.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


.nearly there.
Here is my definition of improvisation.
∑ Improvisation is a creative act that generates form or content intuitively, in the moment without a set text to follow, for a continuous period of time. The outcome is true to the process; it is not edited during the act.

This definition talks of a timeframe, a state of mind, and a process. I would like to take this further and define improvisation as a technique that requires the following 'set up':
∑ Timeframe
∑ State of mind
∑ Process
∑ Technique
∑ (Level of) Skill

I wont be harping on anymore until the joyous paper is handed in.