Tuesday, July 02, 2019

MIAF trailer

MIAF is coming up, in the absence of ACMI, at the Treasury. I love the trailer. I was telling someone about how I used to get a pass and see pretty much everything that I could, and still I wanted to borrow Hermione Granger's time piece thingy to get to the things I'd miss. Funnily enough, after four days, nursing my greedy eyes,  I found it all a bit much - all of that short content jimmied together. This year I'm pretty sure I can squeeze in a visit. Possibly. Let it wash over me.

Entering Gorey mode:  ... weeeeeeee, off they go.

Here's a fabulous animation to v lovely music:

The Monk and the Fish by Michael Dudok de Wit.
His Red Turtle animation was on SBS the other night, so gentle and lovely.