Friday, December 28, 2018


a slice of some of today's drawing
 Resolved my comic issue. Rewrote my script on Boxing Day. Breathed a sigh of relief... still need to draw it. Now spoon-feeding the same concept so it won't be missed. Possibly I've learnt some kind of lesson. ...probably.
how do I draw this?

Monday, December 24, 2018

What counts

Placing inspiration. Moments.

Alfred Kubin

Alfred and Hedwig Kubin

Missing Petr. I realise I am disappointed to not see him when plans were changed. We were looking through his Kubin books a month ago. There was a lovely catalogue image (from a current exhibition of Kubin's work in Munich) of Hedwig and Alfred Kubin.  

Somewhere recently, my decision to re-engage in the practical aspect of this 'place' here, I fell short of documenting the 'mountainous' journey I've been on pertaining to writing a script, developing characters and then trying to deliver a concept by utilising both. Failing, not miserably but failing none the less, I've let it go for now. Becoming a slave to an emerging comic is actually very nice, but since testing the 'dialogue' aspect on Froni and having the idea fall completely short of the mark I have concluded that this comic is also ...utter shite.

some rusty sketches for the comic

Well. It's okay I suppose. Just might take me a year to get it right. I did sneeze out a short story the other day. The size of a smile. It will probably never see the light of day. Bleak but makes me laugh - which probably you shouldn't do at your own ...blather.

Jiri Kolar

 Guitar solo on this Beach House track is nice. Soft.

I can't squeeze in any more, other than that my post title is inspired by Borges.
I'm not usually feathering inspiration 'tufts' left, right and centre. Just today. Three minutes to midnight.
Well I've placed it. Borges, hats off to you.