Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have just finished a Chugnuts tumblr site.
Well... it's a work in progress. (Looks great on iPhone though)

The aim was to create a quick-browse-able-showcase-portal representing comics artists I'd mentioned in a recent interview with Helena Turinski, editor of Illustrators Australia's Outline magazine.

The focus of the article is the Sketchbook Project and the interview asked me about my contribution to a collaborative Melbourne (mostly) comics artists sketchbook for the project.

The moniker "Chugnuts" has been coined to describe the loose and expanding group of comics artists (see links). I thought it would be good to have a one-click link to the fellow comickers whom I'd mentioned in the interview. I'm hoping the site will expand to include all Chugnuts folk as and when I have time.

For now the link through from Chugnuts tumblr to the Chugnuts blogsite, which lists links to other chugnutter artists, should satisfy anyone interested in investigating the Chugnut 'thread'

The interview is due to be published in the Illustrators Australia's March issue of Outline magazine (an IA members only resource).