Sunday, August 13, 2006

Here I am

This is an old drawing, but I like it. Suits my current mood.

Hallo I am still here. Just wandered off briefly. Animation facts to note? Well MIAF was great. Lots of magnifique animations. That was a while ago.

The Springvale Monash Legal Services Child Neglect Advert is on TV. If you've not seen it you can have a look here on the SMLS website (linked flash file)

Current projects? Some old, some know how it goes. Something horsey - that is to say..animating something horsey. Quite a challenge methinx...but thats a project for later down the track. I'm in an awful rush can't you tell. Catching a taxi at 5:15am tomorrow morning to the airport. Gosh too early. I'm off to Port Augusta to work on an animation project with some of the local youth. Should be great. Checkout the usmob site.