Saturday, February 28, 2004

Are improvising and straight ahead the same thing?
I'm glad you asked.


I suppose.....mmmmm,,,,Well, if you're an artist animating (in trad2d) using the straight ahead technique, and you start with a concept or idea then explore this through the proccess of animating then you would be improvising. ?

Or.. if you're more a craftsperson and not particularly interested in the conceptual aspect of the work, and you have, for example, a basic set up of ideas (not a storyboard) for which to base your animating within.......then would this be improvising. ?
Perhaps I am talking of the preproduction proccess.
How does the way the preproduction proccess is set up reflect in and inform the quality(?) (or look and feel) of the final product (yukki word 'product'...I should say animation).

If you're a jazz musician (a good one say John Coltraine) then your preproduction "component" to your work would be......I simply have to make awful generalizations here...your knowledge of music and all that you've played, as an example..scales. This informs your playing. However, in the actual event of creation or moment, all of this knowledge-or 'preproduction' comes together intuitively, often with other musicians. There can be a certain spirit or spiritedness to the music that is virtually impossible to recreate in a composition. Or perhaps what I'm trying to say is, if you tried to compose and capture that moment again with the same song, it wouldn't hold as rich a spirit.
I don't know yet..I'm just thinking........
So. Coming back to animation. Can this same set of questions (and generalizations) relate to the animation proccess.
Maybe its all subjective?
Aesthetics. Huh?
Whats the difference between art and craft in the field of animation?
Why are all of the animations I see from European countries so rich and diverse in their content, design and craft compared to ..many other countries.....say America for example. (Perhaps I've only seen mainstream big productions from America and small artsyfartsy stuff from said other places).

What is it that is valued in animation? What do I value? What do You value? To what extent does culture (feel free to open up this word and play with it for awhile) inform the outcome of animation(s)(shorts).? How does 'globule'isation feed into cultural identity within an animation context?
Who cares?
I think I'm going to write about comics, framing of time and animation.
Or the art of waffle.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Should I write about comics and animation. ?
Or perhaps question the possibilities and outcomes of improvising within animation...........using 2d drawn animation as a vehicle or tool to do so. ?

These are beginnings or perhaps small threads of ideas wafting around in my mind. They pertain to an eventual and expected outcome that will be housed in the form of a research paper.
Perhaps, for now I shall title it:
Excited and befuddled.