Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Fripper

Here he is - a little Fripper.
"honk honk" he says in a goose like fashion, wishing you all Christmas Cheer.
(he looks like he is choking - not surprised with all this smoke around!)

Smokey Melbourne.

Here is a link to a funny little animation.
planty eyes
I think I put this link up about a year ago, but on watching it again I thought,
well it's so quirky I'll pop it up again...
nice 'authentic' camera movement.

More smokey Melbourne.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ex graphic investigators

The flowers have come out and purpled up my view.

I had an email out of the blue last week. From a chap called Ronald. Ah these ex-Graphic Investigators popping up all over the place. He is making interesting things, as you can imagine one does after four years floating around on the Graphix boat.

Here a link to one of his projects
left sensory bypass.

Here look, another. Greg Harrison printing. Saturday before last at APW.

Here is my shining plate - ready for a swift hardground before getting booted out of the workshop at 5pm by secret-booner Waz. It was that smokey stinkingly hot day. 42 degrees I believe.

I wonder what Mr Jonathan Nix is up to? He is another.

And Edwin ofcourse: Edwin Gardiner
hmmm, those paintings.... Nice to see that he is graced by Morandi's presence.

There was a Morandi exhibition up in Sydney...1998? or 99? Centre for Contemporary Art.. How beautiful it was.

Here an article by Robin Wallace-Crabbe on Artists books.

Christmas is at hand. O.F., Jan and myself popped up the Christmas tree on Saturday evening. Ah the excitement in my tummy at this time of the year when I was little. Being sent to bed before everybody else....(being the youngest of the clan. :) ....that plastic smell that new Barbie dolls had when Father Christmas had delivered his goodies... And mince pies, and Christmas Icecream....