Thursday, July 08, 2010

Animating Jukurrpa

In February and June this year I have been working in Yuendumu NT at PAW Media as an animation trainer. Here is a link to some of the projects made ANIMATING JUKURRPA
Keep an eye on the Animations listed - there are still a couple to come I believe.
Kinky Kinky is a bit of a treat if you've only got time for one.

Here is a picture of some dogs waiting outside the Nguru Walaja (or Walalja) shop.

At the moment I am trying to animate one thing but being distracted by another. That is, trying to redo this (see pictured) old 2002 animation called Clickity Clix. It was originally done as an animated comic for SBS site Cornerfold (now offline). I like it. It involves a bit of Bingo, some monsters, and Ferret Face.

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