Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Michel Ocelot & Shiriagari Kotobuki

Lovely, Michel Ocelot's early animation is on the tube now.

Some info:
A 1-minute sample of the 13-minute short film by Michel Ocelot, completed in 1979. The complete film, in a much clearer, more recent transfer and with English subtitles, is available on the French DVD 'Les Trésors cachés de Michel Ocelot,' which is region 2 and PAL and can be imported from online shops such as Fnac or the French Amazon. This sample was found at the production company's page http://www.aaaproduction.fr/aaa_filmC...

Head to the clip on YouTube for more links and information on this little animated film.

I've been in NT for the last four weeks working in Yuendumu. Animation work that will be launched online in late July I believe. I'll keep you posted.

Being there meant that I missed 99% of the Melbourne International Animation Festival, though we did catch Best of the Fest on Sunday night, a bunch of intriguing and inspiring films. A curious collection that really made me wish that I'd caught the rest of the fest! Oh well. I've been having fun drawing lots of dogs, namely two: Ginger and Bruce. Some selected pics to come.

Consequently I've been having an animation fest of my own this afternoon.
Actually I've been having a Shiriagari Kotobuki festival.

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