Tuesday, December 07, 2010

To wander when I day dream

Here is a picture of me prancing down the street in Edinburgh. I am pictured just outside the hostel I lived in for about 8 months. Ah those were the days...
I think one of my favourite things to do is to realise memories of places and people through drawings, and particularly so in comics. I really don't do it enough. It is like having many places to wander to when I day dream. To have time to day dream is quite important to me, and to my comic-ing.

This is a picture from the same time (and indeed the same comic that I did about September 11). It is me chatting to a Belfastian named Rick Brown. I have tea, he has coffee.

This is Victoria Street which heads from George IV Bridge to the Grass Market. I worked in a little shop here. It is a beautiful cobbled street. My only regret in this drawing is that I ran out of time to draw in the cobbles. Imagine it is cobbled...

(Why have these pictures suddenly popped up? Just trying to organise my folders of images... its a little crazy in there)

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