Friday, September 24, 2010

Anita Killi animation Sinna Man

I have been looking at Sinna Man making of on the Trollfilm AS site. It is animator Anita Killi's most recent animation. Sinna Man is a book by author GRO DAHLE and illustrator: SVEIN NYHUS. It looks absolutely magnificent. I would really like to see it in it's original language (prefer the voice acting). It is also called Angry Man in English.

This is the sort of wirey dog I would like. Isn't he beautiful. The whole production looks beautiful, very inspiring.

What is nice about the Trollfilm AS site is the documentation of the process. Paper cutout. It is really interesting to see.

Other things:
I'm listening to Boy and the Echo Choir, their album And Night Arrives in One Gigantic Step is worth a peruse. Piano-ey, and very nice.

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