Monday, February 01, 2010

Revisiting colourful project

"Worr'wurr ga nyiknyik" sans subtitles and credits.

Story and Illustration by Dundiwuy Wunungmurra.
Animation by Kirrily Schell.

Please go here to see full credits

Have been in Yirrkala for the last four weeks. Working on some new animation. All of it is in pre-production, one of them erring into production mode. However these projects are on hold for a couple of months due to other projects. Back to the juggle in a couple of months.
The pictured animation I've posted before (see link above). I really love Nyalung's paintings so I'm putting it up again. This is the raw version, no sound effects, no title, subtitles, or credits. The subtitles really need to be moved to a more 'fashionable' subtitle spot - rather than where they currently sit in the final version.

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