Saturday, May 28, 2005

"Busy as a blue arsed fly"

I Gets the bread -2
Who's this fun little bloke?

Tomorrow. Yes..tomorrow I am to play a couple of ditties for the Tango fundraiser event. Along with the talented Mr Alfoozle

So I am up for an evening of finishing the lyrics for one of the songs which we shall play. I've had this particular song with me for a few years now ...I've just not completed it. It is a little loud and raucous...however jamming it with Al has meant that it has made a nice shift, it now has a soft moody groove..and I feel inspired by it's potential. I'm not sure how it will go tomorrow. ? Mm.

Click on this little chap to see the rat that I animated on Thursday.
rat_inkW(rather swiftly might I add)

Animation news
....trying to do alot in limited time. Makes for frustration. Ha..but I love it.

Comics news
...mmm. Well I missed out on a comix-folks-get-together-and-paint-big-things night, last night. Secretly..between you and me..I am still working on my Tango comic. Well, I haven't been working on it..where is the time?...where'd it go now...I saw it yesterday and then it up and left.
No. Its not about time. I have changed my mind about 'publishing' this particular idea. Though I like the idea, narrative, etc.. I'll shelve it for now.

Animator of the week: Evert de Beijer



Anonymous said...

I hear your gig was ace! wish I was there! xo kh

inks said...

It was a very fun and funny evening. I am glad we played first - the new song seemed to float out onto the audience with ok terms..It was a tricky song actually. Let me explain: Al was playing a kind of "Tea for two" rhythm on his guitar that juxtaposed my roisterous "cha-cha-cha" strumming.. all-the-while both guitars were 'feathered' intermitantly with vocal slurs, clicks and cherrups from yours truely. New lyrics that possibly could have been delivered with a little more ghusto had I not been eyeing them from the scrap of paper on the ground near my left foot.

Greg G said...

Hey, I was sitting near the front, and I couldn't tell you were peeking.

Thanks for a wonderful start to the night.

inks said...

Ha ha haaa! I had you fooled then! (thanks)