Monday, March 18, 2024

A Curious Simpleton

“Dare to be naive.”― Buckminster Fuller

I have a story behind that quote. (behind?)

Putting Buckminster Fuller quote here, like a tattoo, to suggest a perspective for myself.
When studying, at times, I get overwhelmed.

A Curious Simpleton

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


A post about reviving drawings by utilising PhotoShop

[This is a post from my design blog. 

I moved this over as a chunk of html 

- just to see if I grabbed the correct bits 

- A blog post on drawing nonetheless]

Dodgey documentation: I'm hoping to find time to actually sketch. I was looking at my Dropbox files earlier and found some of the raw pictures from an exhibition I had a comic in some years ago. I sold the piece (titled Changelingsand have no access to it any more.  I have some documentation - a few small image files - photos.

'Recovery': Here is an example of a PhotoShop 'creative recovery' process I did. I loved the characters. Ink on paper (original), then photographed (not well), then I did the best I could with recreation in PhotoShop. I had no specific tehnique, I was working on it in a way I would work on an etching. See the original photo below - that is as big as it gets.

Original from Changelings comic (see character on the left)

PhotoShopped image from Changelings comic

Whole comic: ink on transparent paper with collage underneath

 I was so focused on this piece when I created it, with no distractions. I love the characters... Perhaps I will do another comic with them...

Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Last year my animation "Galloping" screened in an exhibition at Bunjil Place  on the Outdoor Screen:

EXPERIMENTAL ANIMATION "Colour, form, movement, light and subject matter are all fluidly entwined, stretched and redefined throughout these selections of animations by RMIT University Masters of Animation, Gaming and Interactivity alumni - curated by Senior Lecturer Matt Riley" - Bunjil Place

It was nice to revisit this animation - I added my name and the Animation and Interactive Media AIM acronym to tie it in to the body of work - as it is an outdoor screening public space.

When I created this animation for Peter Fay as a part of his Bloodlines touring exhibition, my plan was to add sound - but realising it would be in multiple gallery spaces I chose not to. Here is a track by Pan Sonic I was listening to at that time - seems perfect to me.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Orpheus of the Underworld

During my 2006 Megalo Residency I created an animated etching called Marks. Inspired by an Artist book (etchings) I created in 1994 at the Graphic Investigation Print Studio for my Artists’ Book, Orpheus of the Underworld.

Here is one of the etchings from the residency that went into the animation.

Copper plate etching plates with prints

Copper plate printing process: inking up

The most obvious still from Marks inspired by my Orpheus Artist book:

I'm revisiting it today as I am doing some inkwinks work here

Here is the original post I did on my website blog about the residency

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


September actually Mr Spider

Picture is a random accidental screenshot  

I had an exhibition called ‘Miss’ once. Just etchings. Perhaps my first solo exhibition. ? 

(Was about ‘missing’ rather than anything pertaining to gender. Missing ideas...Missing the point...Missing what is real... you kno, things) Putting this here as I thought would be interesting to revisit these ideas … how would I articulate them now  ?  Ten elephants maybe ..

 The Sun in September

Some bits and bobs…

Some fine comics: Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka

(Did amazing Buddha series, Astro Boy and Kimba, and so much more)  

Ben Katchor: this comic was a lovely experience to read. The sort of space I need right now. 😁

Adrian Tomine, can’t go wrong. Carves the ordinary into a comic for something amazing. 

Basho 1644-1694

Sparks and 10cc. Bought in Edinburgh. Ashcroft looking fellow, selling on the street (Victoria Street)

Krazy, being and belonging. 

Osamu Tezuka and Basho both from Osaka  🏯


Wednesday, April 28, 2021



Dog walking app (mid fidelity) submitted last week.

I have a few more iterations to do and some testing. 

UI certified. Thanks RMIT

"The earner of this credential have a comprehensive understanding of the latest tools, techniques and best practice in UI design and experience. They are able to critically assess different UI methodologies, design and iterate an app interface and use a range of design methodologies and software tools to produce and test their own prototype from the ground up. User Interface Design is developed in partnership with Symplicit."

Lunchtime Fripper Bird

That's right - they're back.